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Step 1.

Navigate to the Dashboard of your cart. Path to this area is
<DomainName>/login.php Example: pinnaclecart.com/login.php

Step 2.

Select Settings from the left side menu.


Step 3.

Select Shipping.


Step 4.

Select Advanced Settings from upper right (Grey text).


Step 5.

In section labeled Shipping Origin Address, select Edit.



Step 5.

Fill in physical address orders will be shipped from. This address is what real-time methods base the cost of shipping from. Select Save.


Step 6.

Handling Settings: This area allows you to place a base handling fee.

Charge per-order handling fee: The amount entered will be applied per order for handling. This price will be added to whatever other shipping charges are selected in the set-up process.

Handling fee type:  You can either select a percentage (%) of total cost of order or flat amount to be applied per order.

Show handling separately?: When enabled this will seperate shipping method cost and base handling fee. The default setting (Off) will display the total cost on checkout.

Charge per-order handling fee when sipping is free: This setting allows you to place a handling fee when the shipping method chosen doesn’t have any cost associated.

Is handling fee taxable?: When enabled this setting allows you to determine a Tax rate to be applied to shipping.

Handling tax class: When “Is Handling fee taxable” is enabled, this setting allows you to choose from a pre-existing Tax Class that have been built into the cart.

Once proper options are in place, select Save.


Step 7.

Select Add New Method.



Further instructions are listed below by type of shipping enabled.


Settings Options.

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