Drift Marketing

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Drift Marketing:

Drift Marketing is an amazing tool, allowing you to build campaigns to target potential customers who have visited your site, added items to their cart and then abandoned their orders before the checkout. Adding Promo Codes to your Drift Marketing campaign is a great way to entice customers who have strayed away from your store to come back and complete their order.

To access Drift Marketing in  the admin area of your cart, click Marketing > Drift Marketing Campaigns . From here you can create and customize your drift marketing campaigns allowing you to modify the content of the emails and the time frames in which they are sent.

Step 1.

Click ‘Add Email Campaign’ in the top right of the content area.


Step 2.

From here, fill out and add content to the following fields:

    • Title – This is an internal reference for your tracking and is not ever shown to end users
    • Send Email When Cart is Abandoned  – This sets the timing of when to send out this campaign
    • Subject Line of Email – This is the subject line that will appear on your re-marketing emails
    • Email Content – This is where you would customize the content of the email that goes out to the customer.  You can freely use html, css, and smarty in this section.

Then hit ‘Save’ in the top right of the content area.

By default, the cart is set to check for emails to send out every 5 minutes per the cron settings.  The cart does have the option for immediately, but it could be up to 5 minutes before the email is sent out.

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