Abandoned Orders

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Abandoned Orders:

Abandoned Orders are orders the were begun in your site by a customer, but never completed. This could be for a number of reasons. Maybe they were just browsing; perhaps they didn’t have the funds yet; or they may have had a technical issue that prevented them from completing the order. ¬†Either way, knowing how to view Abandoned Orders and understanding them can be a great way to see and market to potential leads.

How Do Abandoned Orders Occur?

An Abandoned Order is recorded into the database once a shopping cookie session has been established. This is initiated by adding to the cart. So if I add a product to your cart, than I am currently in your abandoned orders. If I get all the way to checkout, fill out billing, then don’t complete my order, my name and info is stored into the abandoned order info.

Viewing Abandoned Orders.

If you’ve had abandoned orders, you can view them in the admin area. Go to Orders > click Search > change Status to Abandoned > click Search. Abandoned orders have an abandoned order number which starts with an A.

Screenshot of abandoned orders

Marketing to Abandoned Customers with Drift Marketing.

Drift Marketing is a powerful tool in Pinnacle Cart which allows your site to automatically send an email to customers after they’ve abandoned their order. This email may contain something like a discount promo code. To learn how to use this, see¬†Drift Marketing.


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