How to Manage Countries, States and Provinces

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Managing Features by Region, General Information & An Easy Walk-Thru Tutorial:

  • Complete multi-currency support
  • Control currency symbol, decimal placement and presentation
  • Control weight (American or metric)
  • Control measurements (inches, feet, centimeters)
  • Set-up custom exchange rates
  • Allows customers to view in their currency, but transact in yours.
  • Ability to add / edit / delete language templates
  • Ability to add / edit / delete countries, states, provinces or regions

Step 1.

Log in to your dashboard & select  Settings > Advanced Settings > Countries.


Step 2.

From here you can view, add & modify individual country settings or use the Bulk Tool to modify multiple settings. 

countries 2

For additional options simply select Edit, States/Provinces, or Delete.   For country specific information simply click the desired region.

Step 3.

To add new country information select Add Country, when done click Save.

countries 3

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