Gift Certificates

in Marketing

Enabling Gift Certificates:

Step 1.

From the admin section of your cart, click Marketing > Gift Certificates.

Step 2.

Click the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and from here you can activate or deactivate the gift certificate module. This will enable the ability for users to purchase and use gift certificates on your website

Adding Gift Certificates:

To add a gift certificate, click the ‘Add Gift Certificate’ button and fill out the following fields

    • First Name – First name for the customer getting the certificate
    • Last Name  – Last name for the customer getting the certificate
    • Email – Email address of the customer getting the certificate
    • Amount – Specify a numerical value here
    • Voucher Number – Auto generated for you by default, but you can change it if you like
    • Notify Customer – choose whether or not to send an email to the person getting the certificate
    • Message – Custom message that gets sent out if you choose to send notification out to the customer of the cert getting created.

Then hit ‘Save’ in the top right of the content area.


If you didn’t get your question answered, please contact the Pinnacle Cart Support Team. To submit a ticket, go to the My Account drop-down menu at the top right of the admin area and select Support.