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How can I collect credit card information without using a gateway company?

If you would like to collect credit card information without using a gateway and are on cart versions 3.6.0 or higher you can use the new Credit Card Storage Tool completely free. CCS allows you to store the CC info on the same server as your shopping cart and is fully encrypted so it only allows you access later so you can process the order amount. The customer stays withing the  same shopping cart thereby skipping the cart’s necessity for secure transmitting of credit card information.

Step 1.

Log in to your dashboard & select  Settings > Advanced Settings > Credit Card Storage.

credit card storage1

Step 2.

Select Enable Storage of Cardholder Data.   Select the length of time desired, make sure you save your changes.

credit card storage3

Step 3.

To create or regenerate Secure Access Credentials click the button to the left of Save.

credit card storage 4

Please Note:
It’s strongly recommend you do not store credit cards on your system unless you feel it is absolutely necessary. No system is 100% safe and you will be held responsible for any breach in the security of your server. CISP compliant payment gateways are the only recommend repository for customer payment information. While we provide this feature as a service to our customers, we strongly advise against using it. Since no encryption method is completely secure, we cannot be held responsible for any issues surrounding the storage of your customers payment data.

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